I am currently a fourth year attending the University of California, Berkeley. I am pursuing a major in Cognitive Science and minor in Computer Science. My inspiration into the field began with my first computer; I became somewhat of an enthusiast in the advancement of computer hardware and decided to study the science behind it. As of now, my interests have veered towards software engineering and subfields such as networking and security.

I grew up in Hayward, California which is a relatively low-income area within the Bay Area. Technology will likely play a huge role in shaping the Bay Area and I'd eventually like to be able to contribute to the community that shaped my childhood. However, that currently seems like a task which would be a bit far-off in the future.



LogDNA || Software Engineering Intern

Developed a sales dashboard which displayed relevant data such as revenue, users, churns, etc. Built a sales tool leveraging the ClearBit API to streamline the process of lead generation given a target company. Utilized tools such as Node.js, Vue, React, Express, MongoDB (Mongoose), Bootstrap, Async, and Auth0 to craft these applications.

Student Affairs IT || Network Engineering Assistant

Troubleshooted equipment connected to the campus network such as network switches, access points, data blocks, ethernet ports, registers, etc. Conducted WiFi surveys and reterminated faulty physical jacks. Received trainings about network and security fundamentals such as the TCP/IP Model and TLS/SSL encryption.


Sales Dashboard [Node.js (Vue/Express), MongoDB]

Built a dashboard that displayed data which helped increase the productivity of the sales team by ~10%.

Lead Mystic [Node.js (React/Express), MongoDB, ClearBit API]

Drafted a sales tool which could spit back relevant leads and their contact info when the application was given a target company. Sped up target acquisition by ~50%.

Secure File System [Golang]

Implemented a file system to allow users to store and collaborate on files securely. Utilized private/public-key cryptography to implement file sharing and security.

Mega Man Endless Runner [Unity, C#]

Created an educational project: 2D endless runner using assets from Mega Man X game series with a personal interpretation of gameplay logic.

Distance Vector Routing [Python]

Built a distance vector router which implemented incremental updates, split horizon, and route poisoning. Populated peer/forwarding tables using route advertisement packets.

Root Access [C, Python]

Created python scripts to exploit memory vulnerabilities in C and gain root access. Made use of buffer overflows and variations to counteract stack canaries and ASLR.

B+ Trees [Java]

Implemented a B+ tree data structure to support fast index lookup into a relational database. Enacated a recursive structure to generalize node logic for retrievals, insertions, removals, etc.

CPU + RegFile / ALU [Logisim (Virtual Circuitry)]

Built a simple 2-stage pipelined CPU including its Control Unit, Register File, and Arithmetic and Logic Unit using circuitry software.

Conquering Kingdoms [Python]

Reduced a given NP-Hard problem to an interpretation of the Traveling Salesman Problem. Used tools such as Google ORtools and Networkx to approximate a solution.

SQL Queries and Scalable Algorithms [Java]

Wrote SQL queries which utilized joins, subqueries, and views to grab data (columns, aggregates, histograms, etc) from the Lahman Baseball Statistics Database.

Iterators and Join Algorithms [Java]

Created RecordIterators from BackTrackingIterator implementation (Iterators that can mark and reset to a specific point) and implemented page/block-nested loop and sort-merge joins. Supported external sorting using given buffers and priority queue.

Enigma Simulator [Java]

Built a simulation of the German WWII Enigma Encryption Machine. Successfully replicated all 159 quintillion (million million) possible settings.

Convolutional Neural Network Parallelism [C (OpenMP)]

Sped up a convolutional neural network by ~10x by implementing optimizations such as loop unrolling, Intel SSE intrinsics, and parallelism via the OpenMP API.

Trip Finder / Graph Package [Java]

Created a graph package with implementations of (un)directed/weighted graphs to represent roadmaps. Implemented a trip client similar to Google Maps.

Cube Game [Java]

Built a game consisting of a cube with the goal of coloring all its faces by swapping with squares on a board represented by a 2D boolean array.

Lock Manager [Java]

Implemented a Lock Manager and its logic for page/table level locking for transactions. Made use of a lock compatibility matrix to upgrade locks or add lock requests to FIFO queue.

Cost Estimation and Query Optimization [Java]

Using a histogram to calculate IO costs and dynamic programming principles, implemented a System-R cost-based query optimization.

Great (Fire)Wall of China [Python]

Captured packets using tcpdump to showcase censorship via China's MIIT firewall. Implemented a version of traceroute and bypassed the firewall with packet padding.


Aside from academics, I spend most of my time indulging in hobbies: regular things like sports, fitness, video games, music, shows, etc. I am also involved with a few organizations on campus.


ANova || President (Spring 2019), Internal Vice President (Fall 2018), DeCal Advisor (Spring 2018)

ANova is a Computer Science Mentorship and Education club dedicated to providing CS education and mentorship to under-resourced communities within the bay area. This cause particularly resonates with me as I come from a similar background to the students we mentor. Within the club, I have served as many positions, most recently -- President.
As the DeCal Advisor, I facilitated weekly meetings that provided social context to the communities we serve and also provided a safe space to discuss issues which deeply impact these communities.
As the Internal Vice President/President, I work with multiple committees (DeCal, Professional Development, Community, Finance, External Relations, Publicity, Events) to help them accomplish their goals and also ensure club logistics are running smoothly (ex: transportation, reimbursements, site feedback, club health, member relations, etc). Along with that, I facilitiate meetings with leadership to deliberate on key decisions, prepare for upcoming events, and reflect on our work.

Codeology || Project Leader

Codeology is a Computer Science club based around helping students break into the Tech industry and providing services such as resume reviews, mock interviews, interview seminars, etc. Additionally, they also offer projects and workshops geared towards helping students explore their interests in the numerous subfields of CS. Within the club, I serve as a project leader.
As a project leader, I developed a project over the summer to serve as a beginner-friendly introduction into the field of game development. The project I lead is a 2D endless runner using assets from the Mega Man X game series built with the Unity Game Engine.



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